Mr. Flanagan, Retired, Career U.S. Special Operations Veteran

“I clearly remember nights where I would ask myself, ‘what if this structure fails’ or ‘how would I get the team out quickly if X happened.’ Having this situations awareness and confidence to execute and rapid evacuation under stress is a true testament to Brett and Dan’s teaching and mentoring ability.


Thanks to you both for providing a solution that saves lives!”

The World Leader in Tactical Rope Access, Egress and Casualty Evacuation




A Veteran Owned Company

Mike F., Master Sergeant, United States Army

REVAC USA gave the most confidence building and enlightening instruction for problems they solve daily as firefighters. They brought us up to date with the latest technical climbing equipment and safety standards.


Sobering would be the word I would use to describe how we used to conduct climbing operations without a clear understanding of what could go wrong. The mission is important and foremost in all soldiers minds, but when the mission goes wrong and the mission becomes saving your men's lives, you better have the tools and know how to get them down alive.


I personally had to employ the exact immediate action drills they teach dozens of times in combat. When you're on a building that is about to explode 3 stories up while receiving enemy fire, you better have a plan to get down when the stairs aren't available!


In 20 years of military service and scores of schools in the Special Operations community I can attest that Brett, Dan and their cadre are the right stuff and will keep you on the cutting edge. They are true professionals that speak our language and have a superb understanding of what we need to continue the fight and come home alive.

Skip, Master Sergeant, Special Forces, United States Army

A military leader’s most important job is to prepare their soldiers for all aspects of the combat environment. The battlefields of the Global War on Terrorism pose unique challenges, never experienced in past conflicts. Whether they are in the mountains of Afghanistan or the urban obstacle courses of Iraq, prepare your men for these challenges by providing them with the best training possible.


When it comes to military applications of climbing and evacuation, Brett and Dan from REVAC USA are the best at providing that training.


As a Special Operations Team Leader with multiple tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, the skills gained through REVAC USA instruction have been instrumental in our success time and time again.


My team and I have trained with REVAC USA in Basic and Advanced Mountaineering, Urban Climbing, Emergency Evacuation, and Lead Climbing. In all five courses, Brett, Dan and their instructors were extremely professional and provided a fun but safe learning environment. They were able to tailor the courses to fit our needs, locations, schedule, and skill levels. Whatever we asked for, they made it happen.


I have been through multiple military climbing schools and I can honestly say that REVAC USA provides a much better product. Their techniques are up-to-date and they provide “out of the box” solutions to the unique challenges faced by soldiers on the ground.


You will not learn these techniques anywhere else!

Thaddeus Campbell, Firefighter & Paramedic, Fire Department Elyria Ohio

As a firefighter for fourteen years, self-rescue has been a personal concern of mine. I have taken bailout classes in the past and trained on emergency bailout.


When the opportunity to get bailout equipment for the Elyria Township Fire Department presented itself because of an Assistance to Firefighters Grant, Dan and Brett were contacted to explore the EXO System as our choice.


I had the chance to demo the system at the Cleveland Fire Academy and knew this was the system we wanted.


Dan met with me numerous times to set up the training and locate a site to hold the training. When the day came to have the training class the REVAC USA staff did a great job getting everything set up and instructing our firefighters. They were very helpful if anyone was having trouble, and were very knowledgeable about the product.


There were many positive comments from our membership and they felt it was some of the best training we've had in quite awhile.


We would recommend REVAC USA to any other departments who are looking into this type of service to provide knowledgeable and professional training and equipment.


I feel better knowing that if the unfortunate circumstance of being cut off from a normal egress occurs we have the training and equipment to get out.

Ben, Tactical Team Member, Federal Law Enforcement

We have used REVAC USA extensively for several years now to great affect. They are extremely professional, competent and trustworthy. They are at the fore-front of technical advancement in urban and rural climbing, rescue and rapid building evacuation. They understand the needs and requirements of military and law enforcement special mission units for light-weight, reliable and easy to use equipment and techniques.


REVAC USA is flexible and able to custom design training sessions to the clients needs in any location. We have used them in urban settings, remote desert environments and traditional rock climbing venues with groups as small as five and as large as twenty-five. The results are always the same - excellent instruction leading to a more enhanced capability. I highly recommend them with no reservations.

Alex, Special Forces, United States Army

As a Special Operations climbing team member in the United States Army, I have been on multiple real world missions that have required some sort of climbing expertise.


Whether it is bailing off the roof of a hostile building, maneuvering over walls (with or without ladders) in Iraq, or scaling the side of a mountain in Afghanistan, REVAC USA can provide and sharpen the skills necessary to overcome these challenges.


Our team has been using Danny and Brett as our #1 go-to guys in any sort of climbing scenario. For the past four years, REVAC USA has provided a multitude of professionally tailored training venues which have helped our team members prepare for combat.


The knowledge and experience of these instructors is beyond compare.


Our most recent challenge for REVAC USA was to teach us the skills necessary to move 20+ men in full kit over a 235’ vertical face. Not only did they meet our expectations, but they exceeded them. The instructors at REVAC USA showed us how we could safely overcome this sort of obstacle day or NIGHT, with only a few of the men having any real climbing experience.


REVAC USA is constantly keeping up with our ever changing environment by providing experienced instructor, and contributing to technological advances in emergency bailout and injured personal recovery devices.


Danny and Brett are professional, user friendly, and well-versed in any climbing environment. We enjoy working with the REVAC USA instructors and always look forward to our next training venue.

Lt. M. Janson, EDGE SWAT and Negotiators

EDGE SWAT and Negotiators were involved in an incident in Shaker Heights where a man was seated at the edge of a building threatening to jump.  Negotiators talked the male down but we realized after this incident that we had a dire need for training in tactical rope work.  We were referred to REVAC-USA by a Lorain SWAT MEDIC who praised the company and its instructors.  After attending Tactical Rope Access 1 we found that Dan and Brett (Instructors) were true experts in the field and delivered the course with efficiency and the utmost professionalism.  Safety was always paramount and the instructors made sure we were comfortable with each step before moving on.  We are now looking at continuing our tactical rope training with REVAC and establishing a viable "rope capable unit" consisting of negotiators and SWAT operators.

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The World Leader in Tactical Rope Access, Egress & Casualty Evacuation

The World Leader in Tactical Rope Access, Egress & Casualty Evacuation

The World Leader in Tactical Rope Access, Egress & Casualty Evacuation